About Timbro

About Timbro

Timbro's mission is to originate, promote and disseminate ideas and issues supporting the principles of free markets, free enterprise, individual liberty and a free society. Timbro's main research areas are health and welfare reform, environment and growth, culture, migration issues as well as aid and global development. Our operations also include Timbro Media Institute and foreign policy institute Frivärld- Stockholm Free World Forum.

Success hinges on our ability to attract the talent needed to develop, formulate and advocate ideas. However, Timbro's research and reach extend far beyond its 15 - 20 full-time employees. Timbro serves as a platform for talented individuals. Dynamism and divergent opinions enrich our organization.

Timbro annually publishes 10 - 15 books and 20 reports, and hosts around 100 events. Many of our scholars appear regularly in print and broadcast media. Although Timbro operates primarily in Stockholm, we maintain a subsidiary program in southern Sweden.

Regardless our current research focus, Timbro always works to promote the classics and to win the hearts and minds of new generations. In 2003, Timbro founded the Sture Academy, a one-year educational program for young men and women in their early twenties. The program takes its name from Sture Eskilsson, who in the early 1970s created a blueprint for a freer Sweden. Eskilsson's effort led to the founding of Timbro in 1978.

The world has undergone enormous change over the past 30 years, but our core mission remains firm.