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Economy and business

  • The Nordic gender equality paradox

    Nima Sanandaji
    139 kr

    "This book does a terrific job of dissecting why women in the world’s most gender-equal countries fail to live up to their potential. While it may seem that everything in the Nordic nations is stacked in favour of working women, Sanandaji explains the obstacles and incentives preventing women from reaching the top. From high tax wedges and the large welfare state, to the penalties on self-employment and the nationalisation of key female-led sectors, women in Nordic nations are encouraged to work hard, but not too hard. Setting conventional wisdom about the gender gap on its head, The Nordic Gender Equality Paradox is a lesson in market-oriented feminism." - Rachel Cunliffe, Deputy editor CapX

  • To be, not to be seen - Cover

    To be not to be seen

    Jerry Hagstrom
    200 kr

    The first comprehensive history of Swedish business in English; from the Swedish peasant pulling iron ore out of the bogs in prehistoric times to the Viking era, the Hanseatic League, the timber and mining age and the creation of the modern firms.

  • European Dawn - Omslag

    European Dawn

    Johnny Munkhammar
    64 kr

    "A blockbuster tract that tackles head-on the major problems confronting the European economy. It should be required reading for all European politicians." —Robert Mundell, Nobel Laureate, 1999


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History of ideas, religion and philosophy

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Politics and government

  • Renaissance for Reforms

    Stefan Fölster och Nima Sanandaji
    135 kr

    "This is the required companion volume to Why Nations Fail by Acemglou and Robinson. While those authors demonstrate that poor institutions are the explanation for economic failure, it is Sanandaji and Fölster that provide the successful strategy to overcome the obstacles. They demonstrate that market reforms lead to both economic and electoral success. Policy makers no longer have an excuse for not following the best policies. Renaissance for Reforms is required reading for all interested in policy change: academics, students, policy makers and politicians." - Dr Nigel Ashford, Institute for Humane Studies, George Mason University

  • The Sorrows of Camencita - Cover

    The Sorrows of Camencita

    Mauricio Rojas
    221 kr

    There are countries which are rich and countries which are poor. And there are poor countries which are growing rich. And then there is Argentina.

  • The Riddle of Post-national Power and the Global Protocol - Cover

    The Riddle of Post-national Power and the Global Protocol

    Mauricio Rojas
    61 kr

    The Internet captured the world by a process of voluntary association and negotiation. No supreme national government forced people to adopt the new language of digital transmission or indeed to be part of the network of global communication. The global protocol is rapidly transforming the old power structure in a process which dispels the importance of geographical borders. The national democratic systems are losing control over their increasingly mobile, cosmopolitan, and free citizens.

  • The Marshall Plan at 60 - Cover

    The Marshall Plan at 60

    Örjan Appelqvist, Fredrik Erixon, Birgit Karlsson, Mike Winnerstig
    65 kr

    Two years after the end of the World War II, the United States launched a comprehensive aid program to assist in the reconstruction of Europe. Dubbed "the Marshall Plan" after George Marshall, the then US Secretary of State, the program covered most of Europe, including Sweden, and formed an important part in the renovation of European postwar societies. It also aimed to support the future of democracy in Europe, and to insulate European nations from the USSR.


  • Private choice in the public sector - Omslag

    Private choice in the public sector

    Karin Svanborg-Sjövall
    119 kr

    This book tells the story of how freedom of choice revolutionised and created a New Swedish Model. From the controversial debates in the 1970s, via the first experiments in the 1980s, through the major reforms in the 1990s, it shows how this new model succeeded in transforming the vast public sector into becoming the servant of the citizenry instead of its master.

  • The health care revolution in Stockholm - Cover

    The health care revolution in Stockholm

    Johan Hjertqvist
    61 kr

    In The health care revolution in Stockholm Johan Hjertqvist describes developments during the past ten years of change. This small publication is the first English-language introduction to the Stockholm County Council's full-scale experiment in systematic change.

  • Reinventing Health Care - Omslag

    Reinventing Health Care

    Helen Brown (red)
    118 kr
  • Millennium doom - Omslag

    Millennium Doom

    Mauricio Rojas
    130 kr

    In the first of series from the Stockholm Network, a group of leading European think-tanks, Mauricio Rojas explodes the myth that the growth of a global market economy will exclude most of the world's population from labour market. He argues that prophecies of millennium doom are unfounded and that, on the eve of a new century, mankind's creative potential is greater than ever before.


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