Lessons from India – Tolerance, multi culture and sexuality

Lessons from India – Tolerance, multi culture and sexuality

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Date:  Monday, May 30, 2016 - 12:00 to 13:00
Timbro, Kungsgatan 60, Stockholm

The coming decades, Sweden will face a new kind of cultural and religious plurality. How do we make sure that people can live side by side in spite of cultural differences? How do we handle clashes between tolerance for other cultures and ideals like gender equality and sexual freedom? What role can a secular state play in securing both freedom of religion and individual freedom?

India is one of the most pluralistic countries on Earth and these issues have been part of the Indian discussion for centuries. In India 2016, intolerance has become one of the hottest political topics and a new discussion is blossoming about how to handle pluralism in the globalized age. Are there any lessons that Sweden can learn from Indian experiences, in spite of the extreme differences between the two countries?

As part of the programme Majority and Pluralism, Timbro invites to a lunch seminar featuring Jerry Johnson, a well known human rights and LGBT activist from Mumbai, and Henrik Sundbom, President of the Swedish-Indian Association.

Jerry Johnson is a corporate communication professional with academic training in psychology and philosophy. He is also a TEDx speaker and TEDx curator. His writings have appeared in the Times of India, DNA, and Open magazine. He provides commentary on social and political issues on news channels like the BBC World and CNN-IBN. Currently, Jerry is working with Reliance Industries Ltd - one of India’s largest corporations - in the role of organizational culture transformation.

Henrik Sundbom is the President of the Swedish-Indian Association and author of a book about India that will be published by Timbro this fall. He is the editor in chief of Idagora.se and a former co-worker at the foreign policy think tank Stockholm Free World Forum.

Moderator: Eli Göndör, senior fellow, Timbro

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