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The Nordic gender equality paradox

Author:  Nima Sanandaji
Nordic societies seem to have it all: a historic tradition of women’s entrepreneurship, modern welfare states that provide support to working parents, outstanding levels of women’s participation in

Renaissance for Reforms

Author:  Stefan Fölster och Nima Sanandaji
Boken ges ut på engelska. When the financial crisis of 2008 hit the world some countries responded with cutbacks and swift reforms. Others dug in and resisted change. Why do nations respond so
Private choice in the public sector - Omslag

Private choice in the public sector

The New Swedish Welfare Model

Author:  Karin Svanborg-Sjövall
This book tells the story of how freedom of choice revolutionised and created a New Swedish Model. From the controversial debates in the 1970s, via the first experiments in the 1980s, through the
To be, not to be seen - Cover

To be not to be seen

The Mystery of Swedish Business

Author:  Jerry Hagstrom
(Out of print) The first comprehensive history of Swedish business in English; from the Swedish peasant pulling iron ore out of the bogs in prehistoric times to the Viking era, the Hanseatic League,
The Sorrows of Camencita - Cover

The Sorrows of Camencita

Argentina's crisis in a historical perspective

Author:  Mauricio Rojas
There are countries which are rich and countries which are poor. And there are poor countries which are growing rich. And then there is Argentina. Read Mauricio Rojas' story of Argentina's odyssey to
The Marshall Plan at 60 - Cover

The Marshall Plan at 60

Author:  Örjan Appelqvist, Fredrik Erixon, Birgit Karlsson, Mike Winnerstig
Two years after the end of the World War II, the United States launched a comprehensive aid program to assist in the reconstruction of Europe. Dubbed "the Marshall Plan" after George Marshall, the
The health care revolution in Stockholm - Cover

The health care revolution in Stockholm

Author:  Johan Hjertqvist
This books is unfortunately out of print. In The health care revolution in Stockholm Johan Hjertqvist describes developments during the past ten years of change. This small publication is the first
The Guide to Reform - Cover

The Guide to Reform

How Policymakers Can Pursue Real Change, Achieve Great Results and Win Re-Election

Author:  Johnny Munkhammar
Progress and wealth creation are crucial for society. For when economies fail to prosper, stagnation and social malaise soon follow. Success demands change ? and change demands reform. The lessons
Reinventing Health Care - Omslag

Reinventing Health Care

Author:  Helen Brown (red)
Reinventing Health Care är en essäsamling skriven av ledande europeiska och amerikanska sjukvårdsexperter som identifierar nya trender för sjukvårdsservice i det nya årtusendet. Essäerna behandlar