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Timbro Authoritarian Populism Index 2016

Never before have populist parties had as strong support throughout Europe as they do today. On average a fifth of all European voters now vote for a left-wing or right-wing populist party.

From paper to tablet

January 8, 2015
New report about the digitalisation of the book industry in the global competition The book industry is undergoing rapid changes both in Sweden and globally. The digital development – with

What does Alliansen want with cultural policy?

There is an image that Alliansen (the Alliance) has been passive in the area of cultural policy. That might be true if you look at the cultural policy debate, but looking at the conducted policies,

Legal guns – a social problem or a right?

What is really the basis for Swedish gun laws? What consequences would the changes that have been discussed lately have – for crime, and for law-abiding citizens’ use of guns for hunting, shooting

The new literature on global development and aid

The literature on global development and aid continues to be published, and the contributions and knowledge continues to grow. An increasing number of scientists and journalists realise the problems

Public funding for small businesses?

Small and growing businesses are important for growth in Sweden and for the creation of new job opportunities. Since start-up companies and small businesses with risky technology projects are