Timbro Media Institute

Monitoring the media is the main task of Timbro Media Institute. We bring to the fore the missing perspective, put under scrutiny the open sources of the media and compare them to certain angles, and continually nourish a dialogue on values and ethics in media and news reporting.

The presence of independent and freely reporting media is a cornerstone in any democratic society.  As it is vital to the freedom of speech the media must remain unhampered and unimpaired—and not suffer under the threat of legal action or prosecution from those in power.

The media, however, is a power in itself, and news agency services greatly impacts the way in which we understand society and its problems. The media has an impact on, and can even change, the course of politics and policy-making. Consequently, media monitoring is is essential to an open society.

In many ways, it contributes to, and even improves, news coverage. We broaden the perspectives when reporting is biased or one-sided. When mistakes are made we can find and correct them. Media monitoring organisations also protest against violations of the principles of media ethics.

A media under scrutiny is a better media.

Just as a newspaper or radio channel never can rid itself from a perspective, neither can the monitor. We think this perspective should be openly and frankly declared. As for ours, it is in line with the primary mission of Timbro: to safeguard the open and free society with its market economy, free enterprise and individual freedom. 

Timbro Media Institute publishes commentaries, articles, reports and analyses on www.timbro.se, and occasionally, we arrange open seminars and debates.

We welcome all information on news that in need of scrutiny as well as views on our own activities.


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