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Röster om seminariet

Dan Klein

The printing press busted interpretation wide open. In the tumult of disjointed interpretation, how did Europe develop? Liberalism emerged as a political persuasion to best cope in the modern world. Timbro’s Classical Liberal Summer Seminar gives us a chance to ponder that emergence on a grand scale, particularly by dwelling in the words and thoughts of the paramount thinkers of the 18th century.

Dan Klein är professor i nationalekonomi vid George Masonuniversitet, fellow vid Ratio och seminarieledare för Classical Liberal Summer Seminar.

Erik W. Matson

I found participating in the Classical Liberal Summer Seminar to be a rewarding experience. The participants and discussion leaders were friendly and open-minded, and both culturally and intellectually diverse. The sessions were wide-ranging, covering issues relating to politics, history, economics, ethics, and culture. All in all, the seminar  facilitated good-natured but critical discussions about the values and principles of free society.

Erik W. Matson är postdoktor fellow vid de ekonomiska fakulteten vid NYU, New York.