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Recordings from Timbro 6th Classical Liberal Summer Seminar 2021

Classical liberal thought and heritage continues to inspire discussion and debate in our time. The basic ideas of a free society and freedom to act as individuals are reinvented and discovered by every new generation and scholarly inquiry. In our time, governments seem to gain more power, and are asked to answer many problems. Adam Smith’s “liberal plan” – “allowing every man to pursue his own interest his own way” – must have a place in any liberal society. But how large a place should it have? These questions have been the starting point and focus of the Classical Liberal Summer Seminar since 2015, when the seminar was arranged for the first time.

The 2021 Timbro Summer Seminar was held June 13-14 at the Sigtuna Foundation, continuing the study of the origin and prevalence of classical liberal thought.

Dan Klein explains Smith’s spiral pattern of thought in ethics and epistemics. In this sense Klein interprets Smith as non-foundationalist. PPT for Adam Smith’s Thought: Think Spiral: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ikxynmpf6ycdhrq/ThinkSpiral1.pptx?dl=0
Jens Grandell
Dan Klein explains quickly that “liberal” concepts of the 1770s (“the liberal plan,” “the liberal system,” etc.) is the basis for the emergence of “liberalism” some decades later.
PPT for Did Liberalism Exist before 1800?:
Erik Matson
Rikard Westerberg
Björn Hasselgren